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Expert Witness

European Valuations are able to provide Expert Witness testimony on a range of Plant and Machinery related issues.

Peter Bache is the lead Director and is a recognised expert in this field with many years of knowledge and experience across key-related disciplines, and where required, can produce relevant court documents within tight timescales.

legal courtroomWe will also undertake related court appearances should this be required. European Valuations offer Expert Witness services in the fields of plant and machinery valuation, sales and disposal methods, as well as strategic advice during insolvency or turnaround periods. We provide valuation and disposal expertise in professional negligence cases involving plant and machinery related professionals, including valuers, solicitors, architects, engineers and building contractors, as well as other related legal and contractual issues.

We act for both claimants and defendants and can also act as single joint experts. Each commission receives the same high level of professional skill in plant and machinery valuation matters. We can also provide informed opinions on the competence and level of service provided by other valuation and plant and machinery professionals.

We provide written reports which conform to the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules, and have experience as an Expert Witness in court.

For further information, please contact: Peter Bache